November 07

"A brief history of ABYA and a big thank you from our CEO, Franco Miceli."

To all of our amazing LATAM Cloud Gaming community, I’d like to say: Thank you!!
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To all of our amazing LATAM Cloud Gaming community, I’d like to say:

Thank you!!

When we started this company so many years ago, it was a wild dream.

We struggled our first years while we developed the ABYA Go technology. Some days ended up in tears and others in pure amazement after successfully streaming our first games.

I strongly believed in the LATAM gaming crowd and fought for it at every event where experts made comments like: "LATAM is full of piracy" or "LATAM's networks are not ready for Cloud Gaming.''

I knew for a fac that ours was the region where these types of services were not just nice to have but essential to culture and entertainment access. We even named the company “ABYA,” short for “Abya Yala”, the first and oldest name referring to a Latin American territory.

Being from Uruguay I knew something else (out of personal experience): gaming services rarely came to our region. I waited for ages for console makers to mount servers in LATAM. Waited ages for games to get network services close to us.

These reasons are why we made ABYA's mission (and my personal one) to develop Cloud Gaming in Latin America.

This was no easy feat.

We started with a small dev team to develop our technology to a point where it caught the attention of big players who chose us to deliver their products.

We spent every penny we had into mounting this solution in the most suitable place so that we were able to match the pricing of these services worldwide, while still keeping it sustainable.

We were able to convince governments and huge Telcos that this was a much needed solution for a very numerous crowd.

We were successful, but only thanks to you.

Together we have streamed over 700 years worth of video games in less than a year and we aim to do much more once we increase our capacity again by the end of the year.

This comes with great effort. ABYA's resources go directly to increasing capacity in our data centers and sustaining the infrastructure and operation of our services. I know how frustrating it can be to spend time waiting in a queue when you just want to get in and play. But, with your help and support, as we grow this company together, we will be able to accommodate more and more the huge demand for this service with increased capacity. Translation: less waiting, more playing!

Our partners at NVIDIA have been hugely supportive, working very hard as well to supply us with more and more of their legendary RTX servers, despite worldwide chip shortages and supply chain delays (These are the only of their kind on the continent!) Since launch we’ve tripled capacity, and will be soon increasing to 6 times our initial launch capacity!

Both our teams have worked closely together to deliver and enhance the GeForce NOW service to undoubtedly the most enthusiastic gamers on the planet.

We are also the watchdogs over the everyday sustainability and correct operation of the service. Our drive is to make our collective economy services available to all of our collective community equally. Avoiding abuses and guaranteeing that the service is able to sustain itself over time.

We are a passionate gaming community, and sometimes we must make difficult decisions that are not always happy news to everyone, but we are thrilled to see that engagement is at record highs and our efforts have brought joy to countless gamers across the continent.

We are proud of our heritage and proud of taking a gamble on operating in our so long underserved region. Struggles will still hit us. But we are Latin Americans, and we know how to confront them.

We are not afraid of challenges and rest assured, we will keep fighting to bring you the very best of gaming technology and titles.

Thank you for your passion and thank you for helping make this dream a reality. Keep playing and enjoy.

Franco signature 2.png

CEO of ABYA and passionate gamer from LATAM