July 26

"Alliance between Antel and Abya an innovative and technological project for Uruguay and the region"

Antel and Abya announced on Thursday, July 22, an alliance between both companies that aims to reach a potential market of 100 million users in the region with a technological and innovative project.
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Source: ANTEL

The announcement took place at the Telecommunications Tower Complex with the presence of Antel's President, Ing. Gabriel Gurméndez , the General Manager, Cra. Annabela Suburú , the CEO of Abya, Ing. Franco Miceli , and its Director, Ing. Nicolás Jodal.

Abya, founded by three Uruguayans, is a company that specializes in the development of cloud gaming (games in the cloud), being the first platform of its kind in the region. In addition to managing her own catalog, Abya is the representative for the southern cone of Nvidia GeForce NOW (the cloud gaming of Nvidia, the world's largest chip manufacturer).

The great facilitator

The President of Antel assured that this is "great news" because we are talking about an alliance with "world class" actors in their field.

Gurméndez highlighted that it is "a technological and innovative project that aspires to bring video game content in streaming mode to a potential market in the region of about 100 million users."

Furthermore, from a commercial point of view, it means an advantage to be able to offer Antel clients "an exclusive and innovative product."

From the company's perspective, it represents “a contribution from our infrastructure and our Data Center and our international connectivity capabilities. On the side of Abya and his partner Nvidia, their entrepreneurial capacity ”. This alliance is an expression of the vision “that Antel has been promoting, together with the Ministry of Industry, of the telecommunications ecosystem, in which Antel is called to be the great facilitator of private initiative, entrepreneurial capacity and possibilities for innovation ”.

Strategic decision

The CEO of Abya explained that his company makes it possible "for subscribers to play their favorite games at any time, from anywhere and on any device by streaming video games in real time from the cloud."

Miceli pointed out that the choice of Uruguay and Antel, as a supplier to host this technological project, is "a strategic decision."

"Thanks to its geographic location, excellent international connectivity and Data Center infrastructure, being installed here allows us to serve the entire Southern Cone with this service with such high requirements," he emphasized.