July 21

"Score a Victory Royale With a GeForce NOW Fortnite Reward"

GFN Thursday: Redeem a GeForce NOW Fortnite Reward
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[Incoming Transmission] Epic Games is bringing a new Fortnite reward to GeForce NOW. Drop from the Battle Bus in Fortnite on GeForce NOW between now and Thursday, Aug. 4, to earn the “Dish-stroyer” Pickaxe in-game item for free.

[Transmission continues] Members can earn this item by streaming Fortnite on GeForce NOW on their PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, SHIELD TVs, and with a touch experience on iOS Safari and Android mobile devices. Thanks to the power of Epic and GeForce servers, all GeForce NOW members can take the action wherever they go.


[bZZZt bZZZt] Whoops, sorry there, almost lost the signal. It’s coming through loud and clear now for a jam-packed GFN Thursday.

Dish It Out With This In-Game Reward

Bring home the big wins with the free Dish-stroyer Pickaxe, available to GeForce NOW members who stream Fortnite any time between today at noon and Thursday, Aug. 4, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. Those who do can expect to see the reward in their accounts starting Thursday, Aug. 11. Check out the FAQ from Epic for more details.


The look on everyone’s faces when they saw this in-game item was priceless. One could say the reception was incredible…

Fortnite fans can try out GeForce NOW for free to obtain this reward, and play Fortnite across all compatible GeForce NOW devices, including on mobile with intuitive touch controls, Windows PC, macOS, iOS Safari, Android phones and tablets, Android TV, 2022 Samsung TVs and select LG TV models.

All members are eligible for this in-game reward, regardless of membership tier.

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